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Liz Bishoff - Biography

Liz BishoffLiz Bishoff is a partner at The Bishoff Group LLC, which provides management consulting services to libraries, museums and other cultural heritage organizations. Consulting services focus on digital library initiatives, the creation and management of sustainable organizations, digital preservation, business planning, and grant development. She has previously held positions as Director of Digital and Preservation Services, BCR, Inc. and as Head of Sponsored Programs, University of Colorado Boulder. Bishoff has been Vice President for Digital Collection Services at OCLC, and former Executive Director of the Colorado Digitization Program. Bishoff has worked with libraries and museums in many states including Alabama, Idaho, South and North Carolina, Missouri, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, and Tennessee, on various aspects of their collaborative digitization initiatives.

Under an IMLS National leadership Grant, Bishoff led the development of collaborative best practices in metadata and digital imaging, including BCR’s CDP Metadata Dublin Core Best Practices. Most recently Bishoff worked with the Nevada State Library and Archives developing their five year Nevada Statewide Digital Plan.

Bishoff also worked with the Northeast Document Conservation Center on the development of the Digital Preservation Readiness Assessment survey and handbook. Through this work, Bishoff and several colleagues visited and interviewed museums, historical societies, and libraries of various sizes to gather information about digital preservation trends and approaches. Bishoff is most recently the Project Coordinator of a 2009-2011 National Endowment for the Humanities Education grant, Staying on TRAC: Digital Preservation for Digital Collaboration.

Bishoff has been an active member of the American Library Association (ALA), including a member of ALA Council and the ALA Board, and is a former Treasurer of the ALA. Bishoff holds an MLS from Rosary College, and conducted post-graduate work in public administration at Roosevelt University.

OCLC Digital Collection Services
Nevada Statewide Digital Plan
Staying on TRAC: Digital Preservation for Digital Collaboration

June 2012