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Interviews D - K

Ricky ErwayRicky Erway - Ricky Erway is a Senior Program Officer in OCLC Research and works on topics related to mass digitization. [Biography] [Full Interview] [Interview Breakdown] [Transcript*] Peter HirtlePeter Hirtle - Peter Hirtle is a senior policy advisor in the Cornell University Library with a special mandate to address intellectual property issues. [Biography] [Full Interview] [Interview Breakdown] [Transcript*]
Kaye HoweKaye Howe - Kaye Howe is the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) Core Integration Director. [Biography] [Full Interview] [Interview Breakdown] [Transcript] Joe JanesJoe Janes - Joe Janes is Associate Professor and Chair of the MLIS Program at the University of Washington Information School and founder of the Internet Public Library. [Biography] [Full Interview] [Interview Breakdown] [Transcript*]
Anne KenneyAnne Kenney - Anne Kenney is currently the Carl A. Kroch University Librarian at Cornell University Library. [Biography] [Full Interview] [Interview Breakdown] [Transcript*] Jim KrollJim Kroll - Jim Kroll currently serves as Manager of the Western History and Genealogy Department at the Denver Public Library. [Biography] [Full Interview] [Interview Breakdown] [Transcript]