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Kenning Arlitsch - Biography

Kenning ArlitschKenning Arlitsch is the Associate Dean for Administrative and IT Services at the Marriott Library at the University of Utah. Arlitsch was born and raised in New York and since 1994 has been in Utah, where he started as an Instruction Librarian. Later, as the Head of Digital Technologies and Head of Information Technology, he began building the Marriott’s digital library program, including founding the Mountain West Digital Library, the Utah Digital Newspapers program, and coordinated with the Greater Western Library Alliance to launch the Western Waters Digital Library. Arlitsch also helped create the Western Soundscape Archive (WSA), which contains over 2,000 sound files. In 2007, Arlitsch was named Associate Dean of IT Services at the Marriott library. In 2010, Arlitsch took a sabbatical and researched search engine optimization as a part of OCLC. He has since returned to the Marriott Library as Associate Dean of IT Services.

In 1997, Arlitsch was chosen by the International Fellows program of ALA/USIA and lived in Cyprus for six months, teaching classes and negotiating the country’s first consortium purchase of Web-based databases. He received his MLIS from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and graduated from the Frye Leadership Institute in 2005.

Currently, Arlitsch is a part of two major projects:, an open source process of viewing images with different algorithms to reveal hidden data that he helped create, and researching Search Engine Optimization (SEO). He also recently spent a year-long sabbatical studying for and publishing, Invisible institutional repositories: Addressing the low indexing ratios of IRs in Google Scholar (2010). This project led to authoring a book on SEO with Patrick O'Brien.

Arlitsch CV
Mountain West Digital Library
Utah Digital Newspapers
Western Waters Digital Library
Western Soundscape Archive (WSA)
Invisible institutional repositories: Addressing the low indexing ratios of IRs in Google Scholar (2010)

July 2012